Lead researcher information

Dr Joel Dicicco

Dr. DiCicco’s areas of interest are in fair value accounting and valuation of complex securities and derivatives.

The Research Program:

Although business valuation has been dated back to the financial age, the use of this tools and techniques is still in its infancy. Thus, it is important that business valuation is supported by research to become the authoritative source for organizations to make an informed decision.

The title of the research program is “The role of Business Valuation in Micro and Macro Economy”. As a program, it includes several projects which may, in turn, have their own specific research topics. Projects that constitute the program are listed hereunder. Possible research topics are indicated under each project, and researchers are encouraged to come up with their own topics that fall under a specific project.

Justification for the program

Business Valuation, as per its current definition, “is used to set the fair market value of the share of a business.” The issues, thus, are not only of identifying the accuracy, but also of defining acceptable standard supported by research..Based on this definition, the discipline of business valuation is supposed to play important roles in the attempt to assure organization use it for their transactions, tax reorganization, merges and acquisitions, ultimately maximizing the value.

The Research Projects

Cognizant of the fact that business valuation varies in various economies, geographical regions, size of the business, and purpose, it is important to mobilize the efforts of researchers in the discipline and come up with a comprehensive and clear picture of tools and techniques. This requires a multi-faceted approach by various research groups from different countries.

How to Collaborate

Interested researchers should send their proposal to the lead research fellow, Joel Diccico, PhD, CPA, Professor of Finance, Center for International Business Valuation, joel.diccico@cfibv.org . The center works with various government and private organizations as well as higher education institutions to solicit and allocate research fund. If your organization is interested to join the center, please send your letter of intent to Dereje Tessema, PhD, PMP, CEA, managing director of the center (dereje.tessema@cfibv.org).
Research Project 1: Business Valuation Engagements.

Possible Research Topics:

a. Securities Valuations
b. Fair Value Reporting
c. Solvency Opinions.
d. Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis.
e. Financial Analysis

Research Project 2: Valuation and Appraisal Review Analysis.

Possible Research Topics:

Research topic 3: Industry, Economic, and Transactional Analysis.

Possible Research Topics:

Research topic 4: fair value accounting and valuation of complex securities and derivatives.