Lead researcher information

Dr Dereje B Tessema
Dr. Dereje B. Tessema serves as an adjunct professor for various universities both here in the U.S and international teaching graduate classes and doctoral programs. As a practitioner, Dr.
This research project builds on a previous research conducted by Tessema (2010) that found a positive relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ) and transformational leadership for management and proposes a new approach that “improved emotional intelligence in the workplace would help employees to access their spiritual intelligence - the basis for peace, tolerance, understanding, and creativity.  Organizations with employees manifesting this ultimate form of intelligence could gain from increased harmony, efficiency, and productivity. Gottfried (2004) argues that unlike the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) could not be measured and improved. This abundant form of  intelligence is already available to human beings and could be accessed through improved emotional intelligence. Based on this concept, the authors developed a model that maps and analyzes the three forms of intelligences to the psychological (Vernon’s three-way intelligence split, 1964, 1965) and spiritual (Tolle, 1999, Dyer, 2007, Chopra, 2005) schools of thought. The authors argue that improving emotional intelligence through various techniques together with understanding and accessing ones deeper being helps individuals to access the source and achieve harmony in life. If organizations support and succeed in bringing enough of their employees to access this level of intelligence, they will benefit from a harmonious, conflict-free, and therefore productive work environment which in turn will be a better place to work and grow in